Nice to have you here! How can we support you?

Is one of the following three quotes true for you?

“I want to accelerate the development of my start-up or scale up internationally”
“I want to test my market and approach before increasing fixed costs”
“I would like to work with an entrepreneur at eye level at my side”

Then this is the right place for you to be! Take your time and take a look around! If questions remain unanswered, call, write an e-mail or make an appointment directly here on the website.

Our focus is Start- & Scale-Up support as a Sevice.

We support you in the seed / early stage and/or later with scaling-up through Interim Management, Coaching, Consulting or Co-Founding.

We are BAFA listed (ID 168099). This means that there is a good chance to get a grant for a common project! You can find more information here.

Our Sweet Spot

Typical Use Cases

Market Analysis and New Market Entrees (Spain, Germany, EU)
New business models for your products/services
Interim Management to bridge lack of resources

Our Focus

Start-ups & Scale-ups
New Technologies
New Business Models
New Markets

In a Nutshell

Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs
Business Development, Sales & Business Administration
Interim- & Project Management, Consulting, Coaching & Co-Founding

Your challenges

Daily Business

The development and/or reinvention of your start-up is important. Your demanding daily business “routine” often shifts the focus away from these issues. Until it becomes really urgent…

Idea Generation

You are successful and an expert in your field. If you want to think about new topics it is often difficult to think outside the box and come up with unexpected/new ideas. External stimulation can accelerate the process.


You have the best team for your daily business. New business development shifts away from routine, is time consuming and project based. It also needs a special mindset and experience. Both is hard to find.

Our Solution

Entrepreneurial Mindset

We are Entrepreneurs! We love getting things done and providing measurable results, also in an international environment.

Business Driven

We have already started and managed  (new) companies, businesses, products and business models.  We are focused on our core competences: Business Development, Sales and Business Administration.


A lot of consultants advise and leave. We believe in our ideas and walk the talk as far as you wish and until you are happy or want to take over.

Project Based

Working on new  projects is not an everyday task. So we help you when necessary and save you money in between.

Our Approach

S-M-A-R-T Evaluation

Specific, Measurabele, Attractive, Realistic, Time-phrased

The objective should be formulated clearly and as precisely as possible.
What do you want to achieve?
Why do you want to achieve this goal?
Who else is involved in the process?
What are the requirements and conditions attached to the goal?


Understanding your company and project
Understanding your market
Identifying your needs
Identifying the relevant Ecosystems
Developing and agreeing on a (project) plan – agile and dynamic

Active Support

Identifying and contacting relevant stakeholders (e.g. prospects)
Selling your product/service, contracting multipliers,  opening of a new office, etc.
Building your Ecosystem
Support with administration (negotiation, etc.)
Regular inclusion and updates (on demand)…


Presentation of project approach and results
Project Handover (e.g. documentation, customer insights, etc.)
Incorporation of “successor”
Introduction to all (new) stakeholders

Before starting, we should invest a little bit of time to clarify some topics together:

  1. First we should find out, if we could be a good match working well together. The initial talk will help to find out.
  2. Then we should get to know your business and ideally become enthusiastic.
  3. We evaluate together, where and how we could support you and what added value we could offer
  4. And finally, we decide together, whether and how we will support you…

We are happy to get in touch!

Every project is different. Let’s find out, whether ODC can support you and if we are a good match.

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