About ODC

ODC originally stood for “Oliver Dietrich Consulting”, a freelance consultancy business Oliver started after he left IdentTechnology in 2011. In 2012 ODC started the FreshDetect project, which he co-founded in 2013 and subsequently acted as CEO until 2019. When FreshDetect acquired the “Series A” financing round in 2015, he founded the “ODC & Management” corporation to transfer and manage FreshDetect and other shares within this corporation. Now it is used for both: holding shares and supporting Start- and Scale-Ups.

A shorter explanation is: “On Demand Consulting & Management” 🙂

About Oliver

Oliver has more than 25 years working experience and a proven track record in managing Start- and Scale-Ups, Sales, Business Development, Marketing, Management Consulting and Finance collected in various countries within the ITC, Consulting, Consumer Electronics and Food industry. He co-founded and managed FreshDetect (recognized by Forbes as Startup to watch), which invented the first & only digital handheld laboratory for the detection of the amount of bacterias (TVC) on food within seconds. His Expertise you find here…

He holds a Bachelor in Business Administration and MBA, speaks fluently German, English, Spanish and is certified in Agile Project Management, Scrum Master – Leader, Leadership Methods and Systemic Coaching.

Oliver is passionate about Start- and Scale-Ups. He is married and has two grown-up sons.

Our Mission

Provide Management Support for Start- and Scale-Ups as a Service to accelerate their development and success in Germany, Spain and Europe.

Our Vision

Be a relevant and well perceived partner in the German, Spanish and European Start-up Eco System for providing “hands on” input,  achieving excellent measurable results and creating positive impact for our clients, their related Eco-System and Social Environment.

“Mission/Vision without Action is Illusion” 

Our Passion & Values

We are passionate about realizing entrepreneurial projects with people who share the same values and mindset, authentic people who remain true to themselves even in stressful situations, people with integrity, who do what they say, people who want to achieve growth for themselves and others with creativity, appreciation and respect, people who want to make an impact and focus on actions that create added value for their stakeholders.


“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.
Make things as simple as possible. But not simpler!”

Albert Einstein