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Here you will find a small summary of projects, partners, testimonials and awards.

Some of our footprints

Here is a selection of projects that we have realised

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Awarded FoodTec start-up | project manager, co-founder and CEO

✓ Development of FreshDetect
✓ Acquisition of investors & financing
✓ Development of the product (MVP & end product)
✓ Development of business and sales (scale-up international)

Chief Marketing & Sales Officer @Interim

✓ Creation of the marketing & sales concept
✓ Set-up of the marketing & sales organisation
✓ Worldwide acquisition of customers, sales and distribution partners
✓ Responsibility for the new marketing presence in 2022

One of the top 20 EMS (Electrical Manufacturing Services) in Europe | Project Manager

✓ Analysis, status determination and derivation of the further procedure for marketing the Lacon small parts industrial machine

✓ Validation of various optoelectronic technologies and business models in the field of authenticity detection for premium consumer goods

Awarded BioTec Start-Up | COO @Interim

✓ IT partner acquisition
✓ Analysis and recommendation of project management tools
✓ Personnel acquisition
✓ Market analysis of the Spanish and South African mining market as a prerequisite for the preparation of the DBS market entry
✓ Preparation of the budget & financial planning (tool and content) 2020 to 2023


Peter Rosenbeck, CEO IdentTechnology, introduced Oliver as Business Developer @ IdentTechnology
Peter Rosenbeck

Oliver is a highly diversified, experienced leader with particular strengths in sales and business development. His focussed and target driven approach, relationship and management skills have enabled him to achieve exceptional results. During his time at Ident, he was the key driver of our sales. He has a strategic, analytical and entrepreneurial mindset, is a customer orientated team player and developer with proven decision making, problem solving and negotiation skills. It was a pleasure to work with him. I was CEO at IDENT-Technology AG and managed Oliver.

Dr Ralf Hasler, CEO Lacon, was Oliver’s client @ ODC as well as co-founder and member of the advisory board @ FreshDetect
Ralf Hasler
Oliver was the “driving force” behind FreshDetect. His quick grasp and familiarisation with new topics, his pragmatic and solution-oriented approach and his never-ending tenacity in the face of constantly growing challenges have always impressed me greatly. Oliver also lives by the right values and always puts the project at the centre of his actions. He is questioning, reflective and open to good criticism and solution-orientated suggestions. He is a team player. He is an entrepreneur.
Dr Christoph Wienken, CTO and MD FreshDetect & CEO Tech Sales Pioneers, worked with Oliver @ FreshDetect
Christoph Wienken
When I joined FreshDetect in 2017, I was really impressed by the successes and professionalism of the company at this stage of its life cycle. During my time at FreshDetect, I experienced Oliver as an entrepreneur with a clear mission and vision. We had good and intensive discussions and always came to a balanced solution and quick decisions. I would like to emphasise his infectious enthusiasm and passion. This and his authenticity also make him a great salesman. Working with him was challenging but always fun.
Meinrad Spenger, CEO Masmovil, has been a friend since the MBA @ IE Business School in Madrid (1999)
Meinrad Spenger
I have known Oliver since our MBA in 1999 and during our time together we often met to solve case studies, do homework and study. I found him to be a very motivated and bright student with a pragmatic and calm demeanour. Even more important is his attitude and willingness to support others. From my point of view, he lives the right values and we have been friends ever since. For a German, he is also a very good skier.
Martin Spitznagel (Founder & CEO Bind-X) was Oliver’s client at ODC Management
I hired Oliver as interim COO to free up my resources and help me with various challenges, such as hiring new employees, conducting market analyses and creating budget and financial plans. Oliver has extensive experience as a manager and entrepreneur and his approach to solving business challenges is to put the project, including past successes, at the centre of his actions, involving and engaging team members. His solutions follow an individualised business approach rather than a standard approach. He was well respected by the team and was fully integrated. It was a pleasure to work with him.
Klaus Kummermehr, Go Beyond, was an investor & member of the advisory board @ FreshDetect
Klaus Kummermehr
I first met Oliver at a Go-Beyond pitch session in Zurich and as a result we invested in FreshDetect. I then became a member of the advisory board. FreshDetect was a ground-breaking and complex technology. Oliver and his team faced various types of problems, but always remained positive and solution-orientated. Many of the challenges were successfully solved. In the end, the complexity of the technology, accompanied by difficult scalability, led to the unpleasant result that we had to abandon this endeavour. I would definitely take a closer look at any new project that Oliver is involved in as an entrepreneur.

Where have we been honoured before

European Innovation Council – Summit 2018
At the EIC Innovator Summit 2018 in Berlin, FreshDetect CEO Oliver Dietrich was selected by a jury of investors, venture capitalists and business angels as the winner of the pitch competition in the Food-Agritech category.
european commission
European funding for research and innovation 2018
The European Union is funding the high-tech start-up FreshDetect GmbH as part of its Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme to facilitate the distribution and use of the BFD-100 handheld device.
european commission
European Union 2017
The ‘Seal of Excellence’ is a quality seal of the European Commission. It is awarded to project proposals that have been certified as being of high quality as part of the review process of Horizon 2020 – the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.
4th place Gipfelstürmer 2017
Wirtschftswoche 2014 (German Business Magazine)

Finalist (Top 7)

Get in the ring
Start-Up-Award winner 2014
Science4life 2014

Award winner 2014  honor issuer Science4life
Team award for one of the best business concepts

ByStartUp (evobis) 2013  

Finalist, 7 von 265, @Münchner Business Plan Competition 2013


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